Mark Prophet

"Money comes to people because there is something in their Causal Body that attracts wealth to their being. And when you practice the laws of prosperity, you create good karma and you therefore begin to attract to yourself prosperity...."
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What is Stopping You from Experiencing Abundance?

TSL Now newsletter - Sign up now! Many people are actually almost afraid of abundance, feeling that money is evil and poverty is blessed. Not true! In fact, this is the exact opposite of the truth.

The twenty-first century has arrived and with it the dawning of the golden age of Aquarius! It is time for us to put all those limiting concepts and feelings of negativity and lack of self-worth behind us. A whole new world awaits if we will only accept and apply God’s laws.

May God bless you with his abundance as you study to achieve your personal prosperity.

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Gratitude for these teachings…Elizabeth Clare Prophet
"There are many wonderful churches and charitable organizations, most of which are deserving. I believe that we must support The Summit Lighthouse first and foremost because it provides the link with hierarchy. The Hierarchy of Heaven
The ascended masters, having balanced their karma and accomplished their unique mission, have graduated from earth's schoolroom and ascended to God. These masters are the teachers of mankind. They teach the path of overcoming victory whereby the soul can reunite with the Higher Self, walk the earth with self-mastery following in the footsteps of Jesus as a Christed one and return to the heaven-world at the conclusion of a lifetime of service.
And it is hierarchy that provides the way for transition from the old order of the Piscean age to the new order of the Aquarian age through direct revelation as well as through a synthesis of the teachings of religious leaders of East and West of all ages.

"Unless this link be forged by the few in this very decade [and beyond], in future centuries the many will not have the enlightenment and the understanding of the practice of the cosmic law that is so necessary to the realization of the new dispensation and cycle we are entering."

Elizabeth Clare Prophet

(For more information about the hierarchy of heaven: The Masters and Their Retreats.

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